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Newsletter #3 Community Collect
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["Crowdfundinginternational Exploitatie BV"]
Dear Project Managers,
We are happy to share the news of the platform and we invite you to spread this news in your community. We have added a "News" tab so you always have access to the latest information. If you have missed the newsletter, you can easily find them, by clicking on the "News" button in your back office.
We are pleased to announce that Community-Collect is now the first platform to offer cryptocurrency donation!
For this, we chose the Spectrocoin processor that allows use in 150 countries!
This method of payment is an additional solution to the current means.
Spectrocoin is an easy-to-access platform that offers several methods of payments and withdrawals depending on your country.
We invite you to open an account for free by clicking here!!
Select your own language in the top right.
We made this choice because cryptocurrency is an alternative solution for an international community. What are the advantages ?

• It is a free currency that does not depend on central banks.
• It is designed for the internet, which creates an alternative to traditional payment      systems. It increases the accessibility of online commerce.
• Anonymity but visibility of transactions and security of transactions.
• No counterfeiting possible.
• Fast money transfer (a few minutes), compared to bank transfers that can take a few days.
• Transfer fees that are almost zero or at least lower than traditional banks and money transfer companies such as Paypal, Western Union, etc.
• Money transfer possible worldwide without any restrictions.
• No ceiling and transfer limit.
• No bank or custodian intermediary. The money is directly brought to the destination address.
• Irreversibility of transactions, the receiver of the currency can not suffer cancellation.
We invite you to discover these new methods and learn how to use them, we remind you that this is only an additional solution and that our usual payment methods are always available.
2 more categories have been added to the project types, you can specify your project even better, so your category can be found easier.
We had the honour to receive Séverine Hug at our office. 
We were happy that Severine left with a good impression of our office(staff), and how we work, which met with her enthousiasm and sense for community.
Thank you Séverine, for the visit and the insights you have provided us with.
Brighten up your project
You can make your project description more appealing now, by using several extra features. Use your own creativity to make your project even more appealing.
Renew your Fees on time!!!
We remind you again that the first sublicenses will be renewed in November and we ask you to be vigilant on these dates and to update you to continue your crowdfunding campaign.
Please note that if the sublicense is not paid on time, your are not able to promote your project anymore, it will be removed from the website and the link will expire!!!
We also like to remind you that if the community fee is not paid on time, that no donations from the community can be received. The project can still be promoted and receive open donations, if the sublicense is still valid.
We invite you to renew this fee by bank transfer (with a few days' notice), by Advanced Cash, Payeer or SpectroCoin.  This allows us to invest more quickly in the structure of the platform.
We wish to recall communication rules:
Community-Collect is a fundraising platform that allows any individual to submit a project online and collect donations through a campaign organized by himself.
We have the distinction of proposing an optional donation sharing community.
It is important to remind your future donors that we are not a business platform and that you are not commissioned to register new project holders.
We do not practice referrals and there is no commission paid during registration.
We remind you that registration fees are a one-time fee for running the platform and that these fees do not represent an "entry fee".
100% of the donations belong to the project holders.
The community sharing option is manageable from your account under the "donate" tab, you can turn it on and off at any time.
We also remind that your community is not a property and that you are free to work with the community of choice.
We remind you that any project manager who does not respect these communications rules will be able to see his account closed by the company, we invite you to read the terms and conditions as well as the code of conduct for the proper functioning of the platform and the good understanding of the user.
We also remind you that you are engaged in a crowdfunding campaign and that the result depends only on your communication, your commitment and your work.
Each project leader should not expect automatic funding from this community and is responsible for their own campaign.
We wish you a good crowdfunding campaign!
In case of any questions regarding the info in this newsletter please do 
not hesitate to contact our dedicated Support Team which is always happy to assist you with your queries.
Our opening times are: Monday - Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.
Contact us via email on: [email protected] or send us a message on our Facebook page.
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