Code of Conduct

Crowdfunding International (CFI) has set-up the following rules and guidelines for all our Project Managers to complement our Terms & Conditions (see here: Terms & Conditions. They are designed to ensure the long term success of our Project Managers and their projects.

It is very important that every Project Manager him/herself with these rules and follows them.

If you notice any of the other Project Managers failing to comply with our rules and Terms & Conditions we encourage you to let us know immediately, so we can take the necessary action.  You can do so by sending an email to [email protected]

In case of any questions regarding these rules and our Terms & Conditions please contact us right away so we can assist.

Who can register as a Project Manager?

Only individuals, foundations and associations can register and make donations. Legally incorporated entities are not eligible.

Any person of legal age in their state or province of residence may register.

You are obliged to submit complete and accurate information in your registration. Any proven violation to this rule can lead to immediate deactivation of your account at Crowdfunding International’s sole discretion.

How can I use my CFI platform?

The License covers only the rights expressly granted in the Terms and Conditions, which is also the purpose and intended use of the platform.

You cannot - in whatever form – transfer your rights and/or agreement to a third party or make the platform available to any third party or to integrate it into another product, unless granted permission in writing by an authorized representative of Crowdfunding International.

How do I keep my account safe?

It is each Project Managers responsibility to keep their login details to their Community Collect account in a secure and secret place. You are not allowed to share your login details with any other person.

How can I market my Community Collect Project?

Distribution, copying and re-use of all or part of the Community Collect Website, platform, or any content for any marketing, advertising or sharing purpose, via any medium (including but not limited via social media, website, email, post, fax, chat, forums). 

Under no circumstances may you represent yourself as Crowdfunding International or act in the interest of Crowdfunding International in any circumstance, event and/or via any advertising or sharing medium. 

You may not use any information concerning the structure, operation or organization of the Community Collect Project Managers that become known to you through your association with Community Collect , or any confidential information or information which should reasonably be assumed as confidential for your personal gain or to make them known to any third party, unless to the extent necessary for the proper execution of the Terms & Conditions. 

No Project Manager may use Crowdfunding International Proprietary Marks without Community Collect prior written permission. Copyrights, trademarks, trade names or other rights belong solely to Crowdfunding International and may not be altered or used without Crowdfunding International prior written approval. Any violation of this rule can lead to suspension and deactivation of your account.

What will happen if I do not comply with the Terms & Conditions or the Code of Conduct?

If you are in violation of the Community Collect Terms & Conditions or the Code of Conduct we will contact you in writing to make you aware of your non-compliant activities. You are then expected to rectify the violation immediately or take the necessary steps to rectify it. Failure to respond to our Compliance inquiry can lead to the suspension or deactivation of your account.

In the case of deactivation, Crowdfunding International has no obligation to make any further payments to you. Should Crowdfunding International, at its sole discretion, consider the violation serious enough, it may deactivate your account immediately pending further investigation.

We strongly advise you to reply to our inquiries on time and take the necessary action as requested in our inquiry emails.

What do I need to be aware of?

If you participate as a Project Manager in the Community Collect Model you are obliged to read and comply with the Terms & Conditions and this Code of Conduct. You are to refrain from any action which harms or could harm the interest of Crowdfunding International.

Crowdfunding International has the right to change the Terms and Conditions and this Code of Conduct at any time and at its own discretion. A new version will then be made available on our website. As soon as the new version is placed on the website the new version is in force.

Project Managers are encouraged to visit the website regularly to ensure that they are aware of updates to either the Terms & Conditions or this Code of Conduct. Crowdfunding International will inform Project Managers of updates via the newsletter but the updates go into force once placed on the website.

How do I work with other Community Collect  Project Managers and Crowdfunding International? 

Crowdfunding International may at its sole discretion, decide to mediate in any dispute between two or more Project Managers if requested to do so by all of the parties involved. If Crowdfunding International agrees to mediate any dispute, each Project Manager agrees that its findings shall be binding on all parties involved.  

Crowdfunding International conducts business in an ethical and credible manner and requires its Project Managers to deal ethically and legally with each other and with Crowdfunding International. We permits no unethical or illegal activity and will intercede when such behavior may exist. Crowdfunding International reserves the right to use its judgment in deciding whether certain activities are unethical. Furthermore, Crowdfunding International may use its own discretion in determining the appropriate course of action.