Spam policy

Violations of the policy set forth in this document could result in disciplinary action, which may include the termination of the offending Project Manager’s contract.

Purpose of Spam policy

CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL is committed to protecting the business of the Project Managers and the business of the Company. SPAM has the ability to cause a disruption in both of these businesses and therefore CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL has a zero tolerance for SPAM and strictly prohibits Project Managers from engaging in the act of Spamming. Because CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL is committed to building its business the right way, this policy has been developed to conform to the highest reasonable standards.

Definition of SPAM

SPAM is defined as any unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant, or inappropriate messages sent to individuals who have no personal, business, social or acquaintance relationship(s) with the sender.

Establishment of SPAM violation

You may not send unsolicited email that in any way implicates our service (i.e. using CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL web links in an email). This also prohibits the use of your personalized CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL URL or any derivative spelling of the word CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL in any form of unsolicited electronic communication.

Any SOLICITED mass communication (as with Opt-in e-mail lists) must contain the required instructions for unsubscribing and removal from the list.

CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL will also consider any of the following activities a violation of our policy:

  • Non compliance with any local, State, Provincial and Federal laws regarding unsolicited commercial email
  • Sending unsolicited faxes
  • Posting information about CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL on any Internet message board that does not comply with the rules of that message board

Use of Purchased Email Lists

Should a Project Manager choose to use purchased leads and email lists, it is their responsibility to adhere to any applicable laws, limitations or regulations that govern such practices.

Project Manager Liability

Although anti-SPAM laws have rules in place that include, but are not limited to, the required inclusion of removal links in emails and the provision of proper contact information, CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL recognizes that compliance to any laws set forth does not take away Project Managers liability for Spamming. It is at our sole discretion to establish what is to be regarded as SPAM.

SPAMming sanctions

For the purposes of this policy, each report of SPAM is considered an offense.

CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL will notify Project Managers of any complaint regarding their email practices or any alleged violation of the above policies. Within forty-eight (48) hours of notification, Project Managers must respond to CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL and provide any information requested including, but not limited to, the time, date, relationship to the recipient and content of the email.

If the Project Manager fails to provide information that demonstrates that the Project Manager did not send SPAM email or otherwise violate the above policies, CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL will impose the following sanctions:

First offense:
The Project Manager will be assessed a fee of €100/hour for time spent by CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL researching the complaint. If the SPAMMING activities result in any damage, fines, or fees or cause any of the CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL websites, domains, servers or activities to be interrupted from normal operation, the Project Manager will be held liable for damages and loss of business. If in CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL’s sole opinion the first offence is severe, we reserve the right to terminate the Project Manager position.

Second offense:
The Project Manager’s position will be permanently terminated and all Donations and payouts of any kind will be permanently forfeited.

Ignorance of this policy will not be an acceptable excuse for violation and sanctions will still apply. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

SPAM complaints

We apologize if you believe you have been SPAMmed by one of our CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL Project Managers. Please send your complaint along with the original message to [email protected] so we can deal with this matter immediately.

False SPAM complaints

CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL supports the efforts of various organizations working to correctly eliminate SPAM activities. However, if an individual has opted to receive email from a Project Manager of CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL, and then falsely or maliciously files a SPAM complaint against CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL or its Project Manager, CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL will cooperate fully with the appropriate agencies in the investigation of the incident.