Partner: Makers de Rêves

What can Makers de Rêves Academy do for you?

Congratulations! Today you have decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign in a few weeks. This is great!
I remember when I started. I didn't have the knowledge and nobody could really help me as well, because it was a relatively new market. Even though, I succeeded!
So I decided to open the academy to help you succeed in your campaign. We have many choices to offer you.

If you are an autodidact, we've got a bunch of training for you.

  • Campaign preparation
  • Campaign pre-launch
  • Campaign launch
  • Campaign post-launch
  • How to write a compelling storytelling
  • How to create your video
  • How to use Social Media without spamming

If you'd like to be supported in the preparation until the launch, we can guide you with a structure and give you a personalized action plan for your project.

So let's dive in and take action now!

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