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Academy of Wrestling.


I am thankful that you have glanced on the page of my dream. My dream is to open an academy of wrestling for young children. Wrestling is one of sports providing harmonious development of younger generation. The wrestling can be done since the early childhood. It helps to develop speed, dexterity, flexibility, plasticity, coordination, self-defense, endurance, education of strong-willed qualities.. It is a kind of sort full of positive charactiristic features. Our children become stronger in their physical development. So the wrestling develops character, teaches the child to discipline and raises a self-assessment. We have three groups in our academy:7-9 years old; 10-11 years old; 12-14 years old. Process of training is constructed according to the recommendations of the leading professional wrestling academies of Russia and Europe. Trainings take place in the safe sports complexes equipped with modern stock and equipment. There are 3 gyms, 2 swimming pools for younger children and elder children. We have 3 playgrounds near the sports building. Our buildings, sports constructions, sports grounds and rooms are equipped with special material means. I will be grateful to everyone who won't deny the assistance to me! And I am ready to help you in.