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Veterinary –°linic


I love animals very much and all my life I was dreaming of having a chance to help our less brothers. So my dream is to organize a veterinary clinic. The clinic is equipped with the latest specialized equipment for performing diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitations of animals. Doctors in the clinic are very competent in different spheres of veterinary medicine. In the clinic you can find a lot of offices for medigal diagnostic research of the animals: Ultrasonography ECG (electrocardiogram) X-ray analysis Computer tomography Magnetic resonance imaging Endoscopic researches of any complexit In the clinic veterinary drugstore where you are able to get necessary medicines and specialized stern are open. The clinic gives an opportunity to call the crew of ambulance and also the doctor on the house. There is a parking for cars of the ambulance and the cars of our visitors near the clinic. There is a large yard behind the building. You can find there some aditional rooms for animals. They are: the warmed open-air cages, catering department, the park for walking of animals, the warmed pools, and the room for bathing of animals. I will be grateful to you for helping me to carry out my dream.