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Hello, friends! Let me share a dream! I want to open the first certified CrossFit Hall in Cherkassy. Cross is a universal system of general physical training aimed at creating a universal athlete by improving health, efficiency and preparedness. The cross program is universal and, by its scalability, is appropriate for people of all ages and different backgrounds. Cross exercise complexes are successful for beginners, people with cardiovascular system diseases, older people, and MMA fighters. The Sports Grand CrossFit Hall is the first in Cherkassy certified Cross Hall, the analogy of which is not available in Ukraine. For you, we will prepare: -A large cross area-375 square meters. M, which is suitable for beginners and professional athletes. -certified coaching, which will pick up an individual system of training-cross. Specialized equipment Rogue Fitness that makes your training as efficient and as comfortable as possible. I believe in my dream! Thank you for the opportunity!