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My Fitness Club


I thank you for glancing at the page of my dream. My dream is to build a fitness club. It is a two storeyed modern building situated in the green zone of the city. My fitness club represents the sports complex including 2 aerobic halls, a modern gym, comfortable locker rooms, cozy shower cabins and free testing every month. Occupations are carried out in small groups up to 9 people, with individual approach to each client, personal trainings are also possible. There is a pool, a sunbed, a sauna and a cafe of healthy food there too. The gym is intended for general sports activities and power training. The halls and the gym are completed with modern exercise machines. Also the video and audio equipment creates the excellent atmosphere for training process. We have a cardio-zone which includes two racetracks, the elliptic exercise machine and two exercise bikes. There work our doctors, they check the state of health of our clients. On the first floor our clients have an opportunity to swim in a large swimming pool. There are a sunbed and a sauna there too. After trainings people go to the cafe which is located not far from the entrance of the building. There are some sports grounds outside. Men and wemen can spend time playing different games in the open air. The team of professionals help people to gain health, beauty and good mood. I will help everyone who can help me to fulfil my dream.