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Integrated Agribusiness


I submit a project for Poultry Farming in Petauke - Eastern Zambia. The project is an isolation from my main project registered on CFI-Universal of "Integrated Agribusiness. The Project will involve the following:
1. Construction of a Chicken Run for Layers and Broilers so that I became a major local supplier of eggs and chickens.
2. Fencing a land of 100 metres x 60 metres for Free Range Village Chickens. The consumption of free range chickens has increased in the country as such providing a ready market for rearing local chickens.
3. Drilling a borhole and putting up a water tank for the constant supply of water for growing a variety of food stuffs required for the feeding of the birds.
4. Milling facility for stock feed production is very key if I have to reduce the cost of production and secure better profit.
5. Purchase and installation of incubator for Free Range Chicken hatching in order to increase production.
This project is set on a farm along the Great East Road which is the main road that gives accessibility to other markets locally and internationally.