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Sports for Health


I am thankful that you have glanced on the page of my dream. Nowadays the popularity of sport grows every day. More and more people are interested in healthy way of life, they try to support their body in good physical shape. My dream is to build sports complex. Everybody knows that our society needs healthy population. But not all people understand the impotance of this problem. And to solve it without physical culture and sport is impossible because the basis of healthy lifestyle is movement. I have a desire to help the majority of people in improving their health and way of life. The sports complex includes a game hall, a hall of physiotherapy exercises, a jim, a swimming pool where groups of people have aerobics classes. Also it's a great pleasure to visit bowling hall and to play game with the family. There are some massage studies where you can get a professional massage: the traditional massage, localized massage, sports massage and special full body massage with aromatherapy. It's a pleasure to visit sauna and hammam after physical activity or massage. I will be grateful to everyone who is ready to help me.