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Welcome to LetGoYog !

Imagine going to a yoga class which is free, no need to pay anything for it. Having breakfast in the restaurant attached to the Yoga center would partially pay for the Yoga center. The restaurant and the shop, where you could buy yoga equipment, would finance the centre. This would allow the classes to be free so that anyone can attend them. This way people who otherwise could not afford yoga classes could go now. Practicing Yoga has a lot of benefits for the peace of mind and bodily health. And you could support this with your breakfast at our center!

Direct donations for the yoga classes would also be welcome but would not be used for the center itself, it would fund the social projects in the area surrounding the center, and would help families or people in need. This way your donation would help others and make you feel good.

Imagine this center running 7 days a week, classes available all day long so that many people can benefit from it. So that they could learn about themselves and learn to share. This center is about a different mindset, open to everyone who wants to learn yoga, who wants to share time with others, who wants to exchange insights to personal development and awareness of their practice with others.

Imagine it being a meeting point for people who want to change the world by changing themselves.

LetGo Yog is at the beginning of its journey, everything starts with an idea, this idea will grow, and it will be real!

If you would like to support the growth of this idea, you are welcome to contact me or give your community-collect donation to LetGo Yog!

Your donation will be used for being abel to start the project in a safe way over a period of three years. We need to rent a place big enough to host the yoga rooms, the shop area and the restaurant area. We need to raise for the starting a capital to build up the rooms, kitchen, restaurant area, office, etc, and we are going to have monthly costs for rent, restaurant-stuff, teachers and hope to be able to prefinace it for three years.

This project should bring a sustainable mindset-change to society!

Thank You for your support!

Robert Wagner