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Salon of Optics

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Thank you that you have visited the page of my dream. My project has ripened in my head as the help for people with disabilities, people who are visually impaired. My project is to build "Salon of Optics". The direction of the salon will include: 1. Services in the qualified medical care, including consultations of the ophthalmologist, the check of sight, the selection of means of correction and the accompanying materials you can find on the first floor of our salon. 2. Retail trade in means of correction of sight and accessories to them will take place on the ground floor of the salon. The mission of salon consists in rendering high-quality services in the field of ophthalmology and care of health of the population. Ready means of contactless correction (glasses), means of contact correction (a lens kontaktna) and also sunglasses, care products, accessories will enter the range of salon of optics. Services in ophthalmologic services will be carried out in specially equipped office on the second floor of the building under the leadership of the optometrista-ophthalmologist with length of service in more than 5 years. The building will be situated in the green part of the city, where our clients will have an opportunity to rest and have a meal in a small cafe nearby. I am ready to help everyone who has a great wish to help me with my dream.