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Project Iowa City,


Project Iowa City,

Hi my name is Plamedie, I living in Kansas.

My dream is to make my university studies of lawyer. In Iowa City there are a lot of college campuses, with assistance very interesting and multicultural.

To allow me to be effective it is necessary that I can put me on the spot and thus find an apartment for rent during my five years of studies. The furniture is very necessary it will equip me for my classes, to assume my housing costs, travel, feed me, clothe me, fund placements, sport and also exercise books, a computer and syllabus.

Of course, my main commitment is to settle permanently in Iowa City, to work there as a lawyer and even create a family.

My studies here are a great project to prepare for tomorrow!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to finance my project and to become someone independent.

Your donations will be received with open arms! Thank you, dear donors,...