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A house on the bank of the river


Hello. I want to introduce my project to you. The house of my dream will not be very far from the city, but in a quiet beautiful place near a river or a lake. There also will be a a wood behind the house .
The house itself is a three-storeyed building with large windows. On the first floor there will be a wonderful terrace, where I will spend my summer evenings. On the second floor there will be a spacious living room, where I can gather friends and relatives and celebrate various holidays. In winter there will be a fireplace warming all the house. On the third floor I will have a kitchen and a library with many books. On the second floor of my dream house there also will be three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There will be a pool near the house, as it is very convenient, especially in the summer heat. On the site near the house I will have a flower garden.
I am sure that with your help I will be able to achieve my goal. Thank you!