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Project Manager:



My aim is to specially design unique tour packages allowing people with vision impairment to experience the rwandan wildlife in their own way! I intend to create an informative, unique, and holistic experience - different in presentation vis-à-vis the other conventional tour packages that have been sold to people so far.

I aspire to interpret the rwandan wildlife experience in a very unique way just for this group of people. These tours shall be very specially designed and will focus entirely on making the wildlife accessible to that group of people. I shall use detailed, descriptive and adaptable techniques to paint visual pictures aiming at enhancing any wildlife sighting experiences in such a way that people with vision impairment wold be enjoy the wildlife experience too. Where it is safe to do so, my group of tourists shall be exiting the safari vehicles: to touch, smell and feel anything of interest around them.

Combined, all these senses surely provide a superior experience, superseding that of sight alone.
In addition to that, the project will encompass audio-guiding options. Those ones will particularly focus on how the wildlife and big games look on the outside so that my focus group have an mental representation of the wildlife they are visiting.

I want also to hire experts both in the area of tourism conservation, park rangers and medical experts specializing in the area of vision impairment so that we all work
together towards developing techniques that make our focus group feel involved. It goes without saying that half of the money will also go to a special fund aiming at training particularly tour guides from that group of people with sight problems. This is motivated by the fact that I want to let that group of people own the project and run it themselves.

It is my own way of contributing to building their capacity and allow them to feel not left behind in any way.

After all, accessible tourism should be a human rights along with the right to education.