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Help Education Fund Nepal


I'm a French person who wants to help Children in Nepal, so I decided to submit a project on Community Collect

Almost 250 children are identified as needy kids who would not have an opportunity to go back to school unless your support.
All these children are from earthquake victims from last devastative earthquake.
the needs are very importants
1 Support them to go back to school

2. Support them creating peace environments to study – That could be the Library.

3. Support of food – Food for education

4. Health check up program to keep kids always healthy.

5. Support of seasonable clothing for example warm cloths for winter season.
its cost almost 500 Euro per year per child
The project to run our own school is the best solution
And for recent urgent we need.8500 Euro to cover all.the expenses of 16 children per year. We will keep enrolling.more children as we can raise more funds
Thank you very much for your help